ATOMO V7000-2

By Diadora

The Atomo V7000 project embodies the rich Made in Italytradition of Diadora. This running shoe, the first to be manufactured in Italy in the past thirty years, was meticulously crafted at the Centro Ricerche Diadora and assembled in the historic in-house manovia.

Key features:

  • Weight: 275 grams 
  • Anima technology
  • 5mm drop

The V7000 is the ideal companion for both daily training sessions and long-distance races. It strikes a perfect balance between lightweight design, responsive performance, and cushioned support, all within a feather-light 275-grampackage. This remarkable equilibrium is made possible by the innovative Anima technology, a special compound that enhances the midsole's responsiveness by 30% while reducing its weight by 20%.

Catering to enthusiasts of a low-drop design, the V7000 boasts a minimalistic 5mm drop. Now with a reinforced upper and a newly designed tongue that offers a lighter and more snug fit.