The Exchange 1 Year Nike Sweatshirt

By Nike

Celebrating 1 Year of the place, The Exchange, we collaborated with artist Jake The Runner to create a piece that captures the belief: Good Things Happen In Running Stores. 

A physical place is paramount to establish a culture.

Having a space is critical if you want to be committed to social change.

If you want to decimate a culture, take away the physical place to congregate.

Conversely: If you want to build a culture, create a physical place.

SPACE is where interactions occur and things happen, value is exchanged, and people collaborate in forming shared purpose. It is everything that reminds us that we are living, feeling beings that exist in the here and now.

PLACE: A space on its own is not enough. It must become a place. A place goes beyond the physical dimensions of our built environment into the social dimension. Place is where space takes personal meaning and shapes our thoughts, emotions, and actions. A home is the house + people + purpose. 


“The Exchange shared my values, spoke my language, and was doing the kind of work I wanted to be part of. I felt all those things within the first few seconds of entering the place, before I had even met anyone.”

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