Take It Slow | Nike Trail x The Exchange x Runologie Collab Tee

By Nike

After miles and miles of research, we found that our best miles happen when we Take. It. Slow.

Runologie and The Exchange came together to collaborate again after the Buzzard Bait Trail Weekend. There was a common theme out on the trails in Asheville that we all resonated with: Take it slow. Sometimes it means getting out of the city. Sometimes it means leaving the watch at home. Pace? Who cares. Let’s get away and take it slow. Sometimes our best runs happen when we slow everything down.@annalukingcrafted up a killer design and we threw it on a@nikerunningtee for y’all to get your hands on. We hand selected runners in the Raleigh and Nashville communities who embody the spirit of “Take it slow” to take ‘em for a test run. The ones who know there are more to the miles than how fast we run them. It’s simple to us: There is more to life than increasing its speed.