Equipe Sestiere-XT - Unisex Trail Running Shoes

By Diadora

Equipe Sestriere-XT: grounded on nature.

Engineered to give the maximum comfort for your daily trail running, the shoe is provided with the XT technology, able to ensure the best protection in 4 different terrain conditions : grass, gravel, mud, wet rocks.

XT technology was inspired by incredible natural evolution. The outsole design and technology respect the ibex hoof anatomy : a harder rubber on lateral side to provide stability and grip, a high grip soft rubber in the center. The stud design reproduces the V concept of the ibex hoof.

DD Anima technology is the heart of the shoe: standing out for cushioning, lightness, reactivity. The Dnattivo insole is a high-density foam, fully ventilated with a high absorption and desorption capacity, 100% breathable.

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