Cloudgo Women's Shoe

SKU: 55.98233
By On
Scientifically proven comfort and performance purpose-built for the road
Their structural outsole innovation known as CloudTec® revolutionized the running game, making On the top choice for triathletes around the world. And thanks to an impeccable attention to every detail of their shoes—fine sock-like liners, speedboard-assisted movement, and super grippy outsoles—they're winning over non-professional athletes too. Their latest road-running offering, the Cloudgo is a responsive runner with On’s forward-thinking Speedboard® tech to push you further with every step. Designed to encourage a smooth, rolling gait to help you reach your goals with less pain and fewer injuries, the Cloudgo helps puts a spring in your step as you stride towards the finish line.

Responsive, comfortable running shoe built for the road
Helion™ outsole delivers a responsive feel without sacrificing comfort
CloudTec® cushioning for the perfect balance of comfort and support
85% recycled mesh upper is highly breathable to keep your feet cool
Speedboard® technology in the midsole stores and releases energy to propel you farther
Closed outsole channels prevent pebbles and other road debris from getting in your shoe
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